Jane Davis Doggett

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The Airport as a Gateway
Concepts and Designs by Jane Davis Doggett

Doggett's innovative concept included thematic graphics to project the individual airport as a gateway to a particular place, refl ecting natural, historic and cultural features of the area.

  • Miami International Airport
    (photos, top row) Her logo is based on the sea nautilus to express the ocean environment, in colors —bright orange and plum— from South Florida sunrises and that are favored by Latin Americans who make up a large portion of the area population. The arch sign support and sculpted landmark reflect the Latin American architectural heritage which characterizes the area. In a Latin fiesta "beat," the mural rolls out from the nautilus symbol in free-flowing ribbons in the identity colors, suggesting the flamboyant curving motifs in the sidewalks of Rio.

  • Baltimore-Washington International Airport
    (first two photos, second row) To reflect Baltimore as a major shipping pier city and to feature the airport as a third airport gateway into the Nation's Capitol, Doggett brought in the "flag-flying theme." Above the continuous airline title band, she designed a dimensional mural composed of individual airline logos that, as you walk alongside, appear as flags moving in a kaleidoscopic continuum, achieved by using mirror returns abutting repeating logo tetrahedrons. "Piers" are

    used in signage to designate "concourses," and each pier is identified by a letter with its corresponding nautical flag symbol.

  • Miami International Customs Arrival Area
    (third photo, second row) She designed a "welcoming wall" for the International Arrivals, which displays an abstract medley of flags from the various countries that fly into Miami Airport.

  • Boston-Logan International Airport
    (fi rst photos, bottom row) Doggett's gateway logo shown in the entrance sign and in a placemark mural is designed in an Escher-like interplay of a seagull and a codfish that identifies Boston in its seafaring heritage.

  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
    (second, third and forth photos, bottom row) Her concept for the thematic logo projects the Airport as a gateway to a major Florida destination famous for its beaches, sea birds, surfing and sunning. The "wind tower" was designed not only as a thematic placemark, but importantly as a working generator of electricity. The logo on top can be seen from the air.