Jane Davis Doggett
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Sculpture by Jane Davis Doggett
There is a season from Ecclesiastes, Chapter III, Verses 1-8

Wall mounted, joined acrylic panels clad in vinyl image wraps: 24" H x 32' W

Doggett's sculpture consists of two stacked rows of tetrahedrons flush-mounted to gallery wall. Tetrahedrons are comprised of joined acrylic panels clad in vinyl image wraps which display geometric forms and colors expressing a well-known Bible passage which begins with: "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven." Each image is displayed in sequence on an angled plane with a mirror panel abutting at 90 degrees on which the corresponding verse is etched. The panels are displayed in two rows of 16 tetrahedrons on each row, which are read in reverse order: in the top row, image panels are angled so that they can be read by a viewer approaching from left to right; in the bottom row, so that they can be read by a viewer approaching from right to left.

The interaction of the image panels in mirror reflections are seen by people moving through the gallery in a kind of kaleidoscopic sequence of forms and colors in an ever-changing interaction, recalling the "contrasting constructions" that Josef Albers experimented with in his studies of three dimensions from two dimensions.

(The art work may also suggest Pete Seeger's "Turn! Turn! Turn!" in his song expressing There is a season, which was popular in the late 1950's, at the time that Jane Doggett was Albers' student at Yale.)